Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Art Chat in the Gallery

This Friday is  "Open Critique" at the Yellow Springs, Arts Council Gallery 2-4 p.m.  We are changing the name to "Art Chat"  Even though the sessions have been fun and delightfully laid back, we think that using the word "Critique" causes shudders for some artists (like me!) so we decided to switch. We are inviting anyone to come and talk about art-you are welcome to bring a finished or unfinished piece of art to discuss,  yours or another artists or a link, a tip to share about an artist or art event that inspires you or maybe an art idea that you want to discuss.  We might discuss the work in the gallery or a world wide art trend or art history or an art peeve of ours.  Anything about art that you want to discuss with other artists or art lovers.  Come and relax, bring a drink if you want to, and chat about art.