Monday, August 28, 2017

Yellow Springs Arts Council Presents "Femina Magicae"

Art by 
Deja Freeman and Madeleine  Magill
September 15th-October 22nd
Opening Reception September 15th 6-9 p.m.
Closing Reception Oct 20th 6-9 p.m. 

From Life, Dreams,
Rare and Mysterious Animals and Other Oddities

Two young, women Artists
expressing their “greatest, most magical joys and deepest traumas”  through Art.

Deja Freeman is a mixed media artist from Columbus, Ohio.  She works primarily on wood (often in the form of cigar boxes)  She is particularly drawn to interesting textures and heavy, woman-centered themes.
“My art is inspired by my own deepest traumas and my greatest, most magical joys. Through painting, I am able to process and communicate my feelings about those experiences. Each piece is highly personal to me- like a journal. The work in this show deals with identity and the growing pains of evolving from the younger, less tired version of myself, to who and what I am now; a wife, a mother, a transplant from a city to a very small town… Coupled with the realities of anxiety and depression, what does that evolution look and feel like? What pieces of myself can I or should I keep, and what pieces have I now outgrown?” 

Madeleine Magill is primarily a painter, although she routinely extends her essence beyond the canvas, into photography and sketches, Madeleine's artwork represents mystery and unknown oddities. Her canvases are full of medieval worlds, as well as rare and mysterious animals. Her paintings are intense, portraying emotions from euphoric to deeply agitated.  Raised in the Mountains of Colorado, she developed a deep love for nature and exploring it. Each paintings is an adventure to itself, within worlds we only realize through dreams.

Reception September 15th 6-9 pm.
 At the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery, 111 Corry St.