Friday, July 8, 2016

Recent Acquisitions: Yellow Springs Arts Council Permanent Collection

Mary J. Cargan

Old Tree in Huế
Parvis Dadras
The Yellow Springs Permanent Collection is hosted at Antioch University Midwest
900 Dayton Street 
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
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YS Permanent Collection ART MAP

For more information about this extensive collection please visit

Permanent Collection

Initiated in 1992, the Permanent Collection represents the artistic heritage of the Village of Yellow Springs. The Permanent Collection Mission is to represent Yellow Springs Artists through the preservation of their art by collecting, exhibiting and storing works that demonstrate the ideals, passions and creativity of our community now and in the future.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Ohio Antique Trading Supply in Yellow Springs, Ohio

I went to visit our newest store in town, OATS, located at 241 Xenia Avenue, and what a feast for the eyes. The description on OATS explains why: "The creator of OATS, Abbey Knight, has brought her talents to numerous different industry outlets including store displays, design shows, and antique malls. Abbey's style and designs have been featured in Ohio Magazine, Country Living, and numerous blogs on vintage design and home decor." 
 While the shop is housed in a small space it's not suffocating or cluttered. 
kilm's and antiques
There are three rooms; the  main shop, the middle room, and the back room. Each room has a different feel and theme,which adds to the adventure of exploring deeper into the retail abyss. It's those details like oranges in a bowl and well placed items that makes it so inviting. I kept thinking I wish this was MY living room. It's full of surprises with unique items,vintage, jewellery, candles and small plants. 

OATS main website 
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Photography and Article by Corrine Bayraktaroglu