Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Living Dayton Video: Art in Yellow Springs

Arts & Culture Manager of the Yellow Springs Arts Council Deb Housh talks to Living Dayton

New Murals in Town

 Mural by Joseph Prescher
Commissioned by Laura McDonald who said about Joe:"I first met Joe through the Yellow Springs Area facebook group. He advertised that he would be in town doing consultations for murals. We have a big shed just behind our house that was so plain, and my husband loves color. He's also a banjo player and loves bluegrass music.
After Joe and I agreed on a picture, he visited our house, scaled up the image, added a background, and sent me everything for approval. Two weeks later, the mural is finished, and we all love it! Joe even modified the banjo player to look more like my husband and kept making changes until the mural was just right.
It makes me happy to look out the back door and see beautiful artwork instead of that drab beige wall. My daughter is now hoping to have fairies in the moonlight on the side of the shed that faces her window, so we may be seeing more of Joe in the future!"

If you are interested in hiring Joe to do a mural or his work here is his 
website Joseph Prescher

Or you can reach him on his fb page

Meanwhile in Keiths Alley

Sarah Dickens and RAC have added a wonderful burst of painterly magic for all to enjoy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another New Bench in Town

I helped Nancy Mellon and Parker at the Village Arts Council Saturday night for the  Live Art part of the Arts Alive! event
Let the public give this bench the Jackson Pollock treatment
Was fun watching the children and adults let loose with the paint

Thanks Steven for sanding, and prepping the bench for us, we had FUN.
Bench will be located in the Art Park at 100 Corry Street 

For more information about the Arts Council and Arts Alive! events please check in with their facebook page.

For local events visit the Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce Calendar

Friday, May 10, 2013

Beautiful Fabric Flowers just in time for Mothers Day

Karen has been in a flower frenzy of late and been sewing like mad. HAND sewing and anyone who knows Karen knows she is more of a machine sewer, so hand sewn by Karen is SPECIAL.
The fabulous Mister Finch gets a nod for inspiring Karen to drag out all those lovely vintage liberty prints (tea stained), old sari silk, silk and velvet ribbons, vintage buttons etc she has had stashed away  and use them to create these beautiful textile flowers.
Mine is next to my little critters.
Some of them will be going on sale for a variety of prices based on size and materials.
silk, chiffon and Victorian button $15
 Karen says if you see her wandering around Yellow Springs with a basket full of flowers just ask, OR contact her on fb OR if you know her "just shout over the fence or summat".

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sneak PEEK: Miniature Show at IN A FRAME

The deadline loooooooooms, and artists need to get their pieces  in soon, as in very SOON.
check out this wonderful fat ceramic bird ♥
 by Carol Culbertson
and sugar skull painting by Liz Zaff

Exhibit Opens 14th June
Gallery is located on 113 Corry St
767 2962