Monday, June 27, 2016

"Observations, Flowers and Landscapes" Art Work by Ann Gayek and Michele BonDurant

July 15th-August 14th
 Opening Reception on July 15th 6-9 p.m.
At the YSAC Community Gallery

111 Corry St., Yellow Springs, Ohio

 Flowers, Gardens and Landscapes, the warmth of the sun in hot, drenched yellows, deep, cool shadows under bridges, abandoned buildings burrowed in nature, and meditative views from the lake
Come Revel in Summer Scenes.

Two Women Artists with very different views of Landscapes.

Michele BonDurant works in oil, gouache and collage. She looks for “a certain amount of isolation in the landscape. Small, abandoned buildings which once had a purpose are particularly intriguing.”



Ann Gayek, is a watercolor artist, Her style ranges from recognizable images of flowers or landscapes to abstractions.  She is also a horticulturist, she designs and maintains residential gardens. She refers to gardening as three-dimensional ever changing art. Ann's flower paintings are intuitive and impressionistic and grounded in her familiarity with flowers and gardens. She likes to start a painting with contour drawing using charcoal or pen. Her small watercolor and pen pieces are painted from life, sitting on a bucket in her garden.

Both women paint often outdoors, on site.

Michele's paintings are from direct observation. Her primary concern is the interplay of color, shape and light.  In the studio, she rarely goes back into her plein air paintings. She chooses some of them to create collages. “Creating collages from the paintings allows me to simplify forms, intensify or mute color, and add texture with cut paper, artist tape, yupo, etc...”

In addition to watercolor, Ann works in pastel and oil. Her pastel flower paintings and her oil landscapes are process paintings, starting with expressive line and intuitively adding color in paint and pastel.
“I am fascinated and inspired by the incredible variety of flowers, their personalities, and their habits.”  Ann says that her goal in her flower paintings is to capture the spirit of flowers, their beautiful shapes and colors, their wonderful energies.