Wednesday, February 27, 2013

YS Center Stage's The Crucible

Center Stage proudly presents Arthur Miller’s “timeless” tale, The Crucible.  Written as a response to McCarthyism, Miller’s story tells the harrowing but still resonant tale of the Salem Witch Trials.  The play is considered part of the bedrock of American theater, and Center Stage is excited to bring its vision to local and regional audiences in the unique setting of the First Presbyterian Church of Yellow Springs. 

Tickets are $10 at the door.  Advance reservations are not available and seating is limited.  Doors open at 7pm with audience members encouraged to arrive early to enjoy live ‘mood-setting’ music before the curtain rises.  The Crucible is produced by Kay Reimers, on behalf of Center Stage, and directed by Lorrie Sparrow.  This production features Brendan Sheehan, Kayla Graham, Ellen Ballerene, Aaron Saari, Thor Sage and Rob Campbell. 

Founded in 1971, Center Stage is the community theater of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Center Stage is proud to produce both classic and new works in the creative community of Yellow Springs.  Upcoming auditions for Center Stage’s next production, The Women (written by Clare Boothe Luce and directed by Rob Campbell), will be mid-March.  For upcoming events, visit the Yellow Springs Center Stage Facebook page.

Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Up with ALL the Birds Around Town?

This question came up on facebook recently so I thought I'd better answer.
Johanna Smith's bird at the Yellow Springs Arts Council
Brian Housh and I (jafabrit) were joking about his  Put a Bird on It t-shirt when we were attending Nancy Mellon's birday (birthday party) and I said maybe we should put birds
 Photo: What a beautiful day for a Tweet Meet!

on it all over town. Brian said "YES" and the rest is history. So I started the YS Put a Bird on It fb group page and it has taken on a life of it's own. Brian Housh and Susan Gartner are fellow admins of the page and Susan arranged for our Tweet Meets at the Senior Center Friday afternoons 1:30pm until 4pm.

Bird Bombing around Yellow Springs
Susan has been making the most delightful birds and leaving them as surprise presents at various friends homes, as well as helping Carol Culbertson at Mills Lawn. Students are making peace birds and will be placing them outside on the school grounds when finished. Brian made a few lard and bird seed pieces to put downtown, and I have been upcycling old CDs into stencil art. 
It's just one of those fun things that brings community together and helps spread a little joy, a little laughter, a little wonder.

It is not an exclusive club or group, anyone can join in. We only have one cardinal rule, no grouser's. 

We were all inspired by this hilarious skit from Portlandia.

Mills Lawn students have made approx 200 birds to be shared around Yellow Springs. To see some photos please visit Ms.Culbertsons page on the Yellow Springs Schools Website.

Arts and Culture Links for Yellow Springs Ohio

For up to the minute news on events here are a number of links you may find useful.

Yellow Springs Chamber Calendar of Events

Photo by Jafabrit
Antioch College

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

YS Artists Live-Work Space

YS Artists --  Contribute your ideas about an Artists Live-Work Space in the Village at one of the focus groups happening next week!  See you at The Spirited Goat Coffee House on Monday, February 25 (7pm) or Thursday, February 28 (noon) -- Free Coffee!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 YSAC Members Show

Art sparks ideas, inspires individuals and creates vision…Art opens minds and touches hearts…Art changes our world.

The 2013 Members Show – “Art for Change” – opens on Friday, February 15 (6-9pm) at the YSAC Community Gallery and continues through March 10.  From art activism and protest art to political commentary and personal contemplation, these works encourage discussion, create controversy and promote change.  This Opening Reception is free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served.

During the Opening Reception, experience the diversity and breadth of our Yellow Springs artists.  Respond and connect with their art via our interactive People’s Choice Awards activity.  During the reception, Joanne Caputo’s 2005 documentary On a Roll will be screened in the YSAC’s Multi-Arts Space.  On a Roll raises awareness about people with disabilities and has recently been re-selected for broadcast on PBS's "True Stories.”

This February 15 Reception is also the annual gathering of YSAC members, enabling them to elect their Board of Trustees.  Past and prospective members can check their membership status and renew or join.  Supporters of the arts in Yellow Springs should be sure to attend and cast their ballots for community arts representation.

Can art change YOU?  Come see for yourself how our artist members harness the power of art to promote consciousness, provoke dialogue and inspire action!  Explore your passions and envision positive change for yourself, your community and your world.

ess that is unique to each individual. We can critique each other's work, if asked :), and perhaps come up with
Visit the Yellow Springs Arts Council on Facebook for more details.  The YSAC Community Gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday (1-4pm), except for the third week of each month.Bottom of Form

Monday, February 11, 2013

Landmark Changes

Many of us used to love seeing this old  tree on Yellow Springs Fairfield Road.
"Dragon Tree"
I  loved watching how in the spring it would blossom into this strange looking creature. Alas it had it's day and was cut down.

The same for the much photographed Barn at the junction of  E Dayton Yellow Springs Road and Trebein Rd.

From what I heard it was dismantled with plans for the wood to be recycled.

( Alas it has had it's day and now gone.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


The Opening Reception for the 2013 YSAC Members Show -- "Art for Change" -- is on Friday, February 15, 6-9pm. 
Join us!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Asking Artists to Donate and Helpful Tips

Many artists are more than happy to donate art and support special events and organizations but there is a downside for artists.

Council on Culture & Arts: FAQs about asking artists to donate art 
Here is a list of excellent tips for groups wanting artists to donate.

  •  Tax Deduction: While the value of an artwork donated by a non artist is tax deductible  this is not the case for an artist. Emerging Artists take note: the only tax deduction an artist can claim is for the cost of the materials.
Idea: Win/Win Encourage people to buy from the artist and then donate the art to the organization, with the condition the artist donates a percentage of the sale.  "This allows the donor to enjoy the process of supporting the arts and your cause at the same time." source: Examiner 
  • Exposure:  Many experienced artists don't need this and so it's not really a very good incentive. For emerging artists the problem is they rarely find out who bought their work and can follow up. After an event often artists are excluded from the list of thanks to those who have donated to the organization.
  •  Cheap Art: An artist work is rarely auctioned at market value and while it brings in some money for the organization it can give misconceptions about the value of an artists work.
  •   Freebies:  Of all the people who donate  and get freebies (such as a coupons, mugs, or other trinkets), artists are rarely offered these. 

On the PLUS side for Artists: It's good to know that you can support an organization AND your work has found a home but here are some guidelines.