Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bright Graffiti Art on a Winter Day

I know, some don't like it, some find it boring, some don't view it as art, some see it as vandalism. Just in case people are wondering, these are free walls and the artists do have permission to paint them.  I happen to be one of those people who  enjoys the cursive letters integrated into patterns and swirling colours, especially on a grey winter day. I also appreciate how much work goes into creating a design.
Rac and Vesh, who are in the world famous TM7 crew, continue to add cheer with their work in Keiths Alley in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
They don't get paid to do this and in fact it can cost them anywhere from $50-100 to paint a wall. So it's a commitment that involves more than a few dollars, as well as time.

Unfortunately there are times when their work gets marred or painted over (going over) a little too quickly even by street art standards. 

This one below lasted only a week
Image courtesy of Rac
before it was painted over by someone
and left unfinished I think? 
Anyway Rac and Vesh redid the wall and
hopefully this will stay up for a few months.

Dayton Daily News
History of American Graffiti
Extensive Review of Graffiti History

Like I said, NOT everyone's cup of tea, BUT  it is an artform that has a place in our cultural history.
Graffiti legacy and influences 

Thanks to the Artists

Monday, February 24, 2014

March YS Arts Council Exhibit: Ira Brukner

“What Deals Have You Made With Your Dreams”
Work by Ira Beryl Brukner
 March 21st-April 13th

When asked to describe his show Ira called it “A show of irregularly irregular, abstract-expressionist, non-conformist art.”

Ira is a self- taught visual artist.  His abstract work has often been described as Outsider Art. The term outsider art was coined as an English synonym for art brut a French term for “raw art."  It described art created outside the boundaries of official culture.  

Ira usually works very big and very bold in oil, gouache and acrylic.  It feels like an amazing privilege to visit his home/studio; art is every where, on the floor, leaning 2,3,4, 5 to 6 canvases deep against the walls in the rooms, lining the hall way and stacked every which way in his closet.  It's a small space and the amount of life and color it contains bowls you over.

For the YSAC show we will be getting his smaller canvases.  We couldn't get the large pieces through our door much less have room on the walls, but the energy and color blast even with the smaller works will still bowl you over!

This is Ira’s second reincarnation (in this life) as an artist. He spent many years as a poet in NY.  Ira and Sam Salazar (a young composer/musician from the group Wheels) are going to be doing a Poetry and Music Arts Alive! event at the Gallery on April 12th. 

Gallery Opening Reception: Friday March 21st 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Free Gallery Open Hours: Wednesdays-Sundays 1-4 March 21st-April 13th 

Arts Alive! April 12th Poetry and Music with Ira Beryl Brukner and Sam Salazar 6:45-7:15
7:30-9:30 Nicole Manieri-Sol Rising 
$10.00 suggested donation.

Open Critique Session for Visual Art

Open Critique Session
The Arts Council is holding it’s first Open Critique Session this Friday
 February 28th 2-4
 at the 
YSAC Community Gallery-111 Cory Street.

Visual Artists are invited to bring 1-2 finished or unfinished pieces of their art for a group critiquing session.
Some Artists have expressed interest in having a place where they can get feedback on their art.  After Friday, if it seems like something we want to continue we can talk about the best time and day to meet regularly.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stretch YS Arts Council Member Show Reception

The Yellow Springs Arts 
111 Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arts Alive Event Rescheduled

Arts Alive! event is being rescheduled for Saturday, February 15th due to a water line break at the gallery.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

35th Annual Women’s Voices Out Loud

35th Annual Women’s Voices Out Loud

A Workshop for Visual Artists to Explore Creative Options for Presenting Their Work

Antioch College, in partnership with the 35th Annual Women’s Voices Out Loud (WVOL), will hold a workshop, “Ready to Hang,” for visual artists, who want to explore possible options for presenting their 2D and 3D work in the WVOL exhibition that runs, from March 4-28, in the Herndon Gallery, on the Antioch campus. Please bring the work you would like to exhibit. All are welcome, regardless of age or experience.

WHAT: Ready to Hang Workshop
WHEN: Saturday, February 8, 1-3 p.m.
WHERE: Herndon Gallery, Antioch College
South Hall Morgan Pl, Yellow Springs, OH 45387 

For more information, call Dennie Eagleson at 937-768-6462, or email