Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Still Life Awards

Friday night was a great reception for the Members Show “It's Still Life”, thank you to all who came and celebrated with us!

There are 32 artists represented in the show and 45 pieces of art. The show will be up until March 13th. Please come and see it!

The Jurors for the Members Show Awards were:
    Patrick Mauk-General Manager of DVAC
    Sherryl Kostic-Artist and Gallery Owner of “would you, could you, IN A FRAME”
    Jason Morgan-Portrait and Still Life Painter Extraordinaire

    We'd like to tell you a little about how the awards were chosen,
      First to keep the artists anonymous, a temporary number was placed by each art piece, instead of a tag with name.
      Our 3 wonderful jurors came to the gallery and spent a total of 6 hours looking at the work in this show and discussing it. 

      Then each individually chose 10 pieces to fill out a form on.
        Each form has 4 questions and a number system of 1-5. Some of the jurors also wrote comments on the back.
        The numbers were totaled from all 30 forms and double checked.
        Lastly the identifying numbers were checked for the names of the artists.
        The 4 Honorable Mention Certificate Winners are:

        For her Oil On Wood piece “Memento Mori” Corrine Bayraktaroglu
        For her Oil Painting “Matisse Homage” Christine Klinger
        For his Pencil on Paper piece “Objects in a Crowded Space” Rajan Kose
        For her Oil on Paper piece “My Favorite Blue”Jennifer Haack

        The 3rd Place Winner for her Water Color “Transparent Fruit” is Angela Day
        The Third Place Award included a hand crafted Ceramic Medal, a Certificate and a $50.00 Check sponsored by Althea Rozeboom.

        The 2nd Place Winner for her Oil On Wood piece “Mr. Pickles Goes Hunting” is Corrine Bayraktaroglu
        The Second Place Award included a hand crafted ceramic Medal, a Certificate and $75.00 check sponsored by an Anonymous Donor.

        The First Place Winner for her Ceramic Bookends “Apples and Oranges” is Dianne Collinson. The Award included a had crafted Ceramic Medal, Certificate and a $150.00 check, sponsored by the YS Chamber.

        The Peoples' Choice Award for “Dunes” went to Parvis Dadras.
        The award included a hand crafted Ceramic Medal, a Certificate and a check for $150.00 sponsored by the Village of Yellow Springs.

        The Ceramic Award Medals for the Awards Ceremony were made by Dianne Collinson and Kaethi Seidl. The Award Certificates were created by Kathy Verner Moulton.

        check back for photos :)