Friday, March 24, 2017

Bosom Buddies Exhibit at Yellow Springs Arts Council

“Bosom Buddies”
A Journey Through Breast Cancer
Presented by the Jafagirls
April 21st-May 14th
Bosom Buddies Website
 Two friends and invited guests (the artists invite the public to participate with art, mementos, poetry, pictures, and stories) share how a diagnosis of cancer affects patients, friends and family. This an exploration of the creative ways they have dealt with the roller coaster of emotions: of fear, anger, grief, bewilderment and joy.

 Boob Print by Nancy Mellon
The JafaGirls, have an art partnership and friendship that began in 2005 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. A love of arts and crafts has been a lifetime passion for artists Corrine Bayraktaroglu and Nancy Mellon.  At a Yellow Springs Arts Council meeting,  they discovered a mutual joy for creating art mischief together, along with a desire to spread the word about local arts, artists and community.  Part of their creative endeavors took the form of Yarn Bombing.  They created public, textile, art installations on trees, poles, fences and benches.

On January 21st 2016 after a suspicious mammogram, Corrine Bayraktaroglu was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  In an effort to help her friends and family help her as well as put everyone at ease, Corrine asked them to create textile boobs for a series or yarnbombed trees outside her house. She wanted something to make her smile. Her friends were delighted to be a given a joyful way to help and the boobs rolled in. They came through the mail, they were hand delivered, they were even tossed out of passing cars. They were made by friends, family and strangers that heard her call.
Lost Bear with donated textile boobs

Corrine also created a blog page called c.central as a way to keep track, share the different stages of the journey and share art created during this time.

A lot of the art created during this time, by Corrine and friends will be included in the show.

The public is encouraged to bring their written stories, pictures and memento's of their or their loved one's journey through cancer, to add to the sharing space during the reception or during any Open Gallery hours during the run of the show. The sharing space is for people who have had cancer of any kind and their family and friends.
Close up of shadow box by Karen and William Evertson

The pick up dates for pieces left in the sharing space, is May 13th 1-4 or 14th 1-6 p.m. Or they can make a copy/reproduction/photo of any beloved momento to leave so that you don't need to pick it up. Please put contact info on the back of any piece that you plan on picking up and sign the Shared Story List.

Please join the Jafagirls for the Bosom Buddies reception
 on April 21st. 6-9 p.m.
Open Gallery hours: Wednesday-Sunday 1-4 p.m.
At the Yellow Springs Community Gallery

111 Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 2017 Art Around Yellow Springs, Ohio

Nancy and I took a quick art walkabout yesterday in our wee village, alas we couldn't get ALL the town covered.

Musician, Artist and Writer

Jim Rose Marionettes
Yellow Springs Senior Center
The amount of detail in these Marionettes made by Jim Rose is stunning.

Erin Smith
This is a huge painting at John Bryan Community Center and it is magnificent.

For more info on shows please visit
Yellow Springs Arts Council
Yellow Springs News (print only)
Yellow Springs Art Exchange