Thursday, August 21, 2014

Arts Council Art Chat: Copyright Issues

 August 29 (2-4pm) Art Chat will feature a conversation with Corrine Bayraktaroglu and Michael Fleishman about internet copyright issues for artists -- how to check to see where your work is being used, how to protect your work, and what can you do to fight back when your work is stolen. All are welcome to join in with their own copyright stories or tips. 

Everyone is also invited to bring art to talk about!

Spin Painting White Blossom
attributed to Damien Hirst
featured in online magazines, copies sold worldwide on amazon, and  painting sites, stolen and used for bands, design firm for film intro, logos, and a major company product commercial and the list goes on. 


I will be sharing the mistakes I made and have since corrected, watermarking, and why size does matter ;)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Poppies for Peace in Remembrance of the Children

Senior Independence Monroe and Franklin Artist participants in the Greater Cincinnati Alzheimer's Association Memories in the Making® were thrilled to make poppies for the Yellow Springs "In Remembrance of the Children; Poppies for Peace."
Thank you artists, for contributing to this meaningful project. From left to right: Darryl, Ted, LC, Rick, Bonnie, Michelle (seated), Senior Independence; Franklin. 
 Each poppy made is unique to the maker as each child is unique. The artist participants spoke of love and peace while creating their poppies and many wrote such messages on their flower. It was, and is, a heartfelt expression of love and sorrow.
The opportunity for these artists to engage, create and be a part of a public art installation of such profound message is one that each values and treasures.
 Thank you artists, for contributing to this valuable project 
Sandi Sharp Artist Facilitator

Memories in the Making is a registered trademark program provided through the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cincinnati. It is an art program that provides creative, original, and expressive art making for those with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

ART HOUSE-HOP Tickets now on Sale

Art House-Hop
A Collectors Showcase
Saturday September 6th, 2014 noon-5p.m.

A Self- guided Tour of Yellow Springs Private Art Collections

 “I just got back from the Art House Hop and it was WONDERFUL! It was so great to see art in living spaces! It was fun, educational, and inspiring.”
Sandi S.

The 2014 Art House Hop features 7 different Art Collections from last year!
Even the homes are art: there are Distinctive Historical Homes, An old Baptist Church converted into a beautiful home and an artist designed and personally hand crafted home and studio.
 Represented in the collections are Historical and Contemporary Art from well-known local, regional and international artists. The variety of art is astounding, from paintings to hand crafted furniture, to quilts and silver and glass. There are intricately beaded Egyptian style necklaces, textile art dolls in meticulously researched Traditional Folk Costumes and Native American Artwork. 

The Art Collectors will be on hand to greet you and answer questions about their collection.

$10.00 ticket
Purchase tickets at:
YS Arts Council Gallery
111 Corry Street, in Yellow Springs
1-4 Wednesday through Sunday
Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce            101 Dayton St.
Village Artisans 
100 Corry Street
11-5 p.m. Mon.-Thursday
11-6 p.m. Friday – Saturday
12-5 p.m. Sunday
The Farmers Market

Monday, August 4, 2014

Yellow Springs Instagram Photographers

It's always wonderful to see how others view our village, but their camera eye is often one of a visitor. Amy Hable, who lives and works in Yellow Springs, was inspired to start a hashtag #ysgram to promote a view of Yellow Springs from the perspective of someone who lives and/or works here. 
So if you are taking images around town or want to find images remember #ysgram. 
Instagram List

Amy Hable
amy - hablea13
Corrine Bayraktaroglu jafabrit on Instagram
lorigravley on Instagram
Steve Ali eletrickman on Instagram
lori_aske on Instagram
thevillagegravy on Instagram
Chelle Palassis homefrychelle on Instagram
sansharp5 on Instagram
yikeswecreate on Instagram
illnulo on Instagram

If you live and work in town and post on instagram please leave a comment with your instagram url so I can add it to the list.