Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Music from all corners of our village

Sunday night's musical performance of Benjamin Britten's Saint Nicolas was a smashing success. Concert-goer Tom Osborne remarked how wonderful it was to see a packed house.

"The town should be proud that it's got such a living treasure in James Johnston who keeps coming through with one blockbuster after another, using the best musical talent that this area has to offer," said Tom, after describing the evening's event to me.

Applause to the Yellow Springs Community Chorus, Yellow Springs Chamber Orchestra, tenor Vincent Davis, the Children's Choir, the chorus members and musicians and especially director extraordinaire, James Johnston.

From Benjamin Britten to Baha'i inspired singer/songwriter Munirih Sparrow to the Soul Rebels, Dr. Meat, YS Community Band, New Bremen Town Musicians, and the Carol Sing, there was music coming from all corners of our village this weekend. Thanks to the talent for providing such an incredible variety and thanks to participants for your support and inspiration.