Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's up at the hardware store?

I'm realizing a lifelong dream to be a window dresser and having a great time of it. Inspired by childhood trips into Chicago to see the elaborate holiday window displays at Marshall Fields and other department stores, I'm trying my hand at this creative outlet. There are other local "elves" in town who will be dressing up other business windows as well. I hope to have my window ready in time for Thanksgiving.

It's more challenging than you would think...maneuvering around a progressively tighter space without knocking something over...figuring out how and when to add certain elements that become more difficult to add or change as the process continues...incorporating items supplied by Kathy, the owner of the hardware store, along with some items of my own...the motivation to do this "on a dime" and use recycled and repurposed items...jumping up and down on a ledge all day and then running around outside to peek in through a peephole and aesthetically assess the placement of a particular item, etc.

There has been talk of turning this into a coordinated village event with participating stores and individuals, comparable to the hugely successful Yelloween Scarecrow Project. Just another creative way to bring people to our town and stimulate our economy while adding art in places you wouldn't typically expect.

Stay tuned to this blog for more photos...