Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Super-Fly

Super-Fly Comics and Games
132 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs
(937) 767-1445

Starting Friday, November 25 through Saturday, December 31



The economy is tough right now. Sentiments against corporate America are reaching a fevered pitch. This Black Friday, and the rest of this holiday season, consider supporting the small businesses that hold our economy together. Regardless of your politics - we want to do what we can to lower your holiday burdens (just as you will hopefully lower ours by shopping local & small - rather than large and corporate) - SO now through the end of the holidays, if you let us know you're shopping for gifts for those close to you, we'll give you an extra 10% off the purchase price of those gifts. THIS DISCOUNT WILL STACK WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNTS FOR WHICH YOU ARE ALREADY ELIGIBLE!! WE NEVER STACK DISCOUNTS - THIS MAY BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE! Please remember the small businesses that are endeavoring to create their own niche in this oppressive climate - and when you find yourself thinking about which stores you plan to frequent this season, remember OCCUPY SUPER-FLY!!