Thursday, April 14, 2016

YS Arts Council “Just the One, Actually”, Art by Chloe L. McEldowney

Reception April 15, 6-9pm
Exhibit Runs from April 15th until May 15th 
YS Art Council Community Gallery
111 Corry St
Yellow Springs

In a series of portraits, both of humans and natural objects, Chloe presents images of her subjects, detached from their environments.
“The essence of my work stems from my family background. Out of our home, my family ran an outreach program, welcoming in people from all walks of life.”

Growing up in a home where her family was constantly shifting, taking on and losing new members, she carries poignant memories of these faces, pulled from worlds of which she was not a part. Each member had its own family before living with hers, another city, another home, surrounded by different people, molding, building, scarring them.
Eliciting Daniel III (detail)No artist bears witness to the experiences of the subject, so Chloe chooses to focus not on that which surrounds what she paints, but on the person. Patches of stories both told and untold are painted into each subject, marks of obscured experiences are caught by her thoughtful brush.
She paints what she sees in a contrasting combination of bold and nuanced strokes, layering bright, heavy marks and hard lines interspersed with a soft blending of color. Parts of the surface is often masked, with thinner, transparent layers.
Chloe McEldowney is an artist in residence at Access Arts in Columbia, Missouri, where she is an art instructor. She has been included in exhibitions across the country, ranging from California to Massachusetts. Chloe is a native of Russia, Ohio, and received her BFA from the University of Dayton. She was awarded a Yeck College Artist Fellowship at the Dayton Art Institute. In her senior year, Chloe was a finalist in the Excellence in Visual Arts Awards by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio.

Chloe L.McEldowney Website