Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why Supporting the Arts and becoming a MEMBER of the Yellow Springs Arts Council is Important

Just take a gander at this list and know that YOUR membership is important in helping the arts council maintain a space for community gathering, teaching, for artists and creatives. 
After reading the list check out how  you can win a POT of Goodies at the bottom of the blog post.

What Happened at YSAC in 2015

Foundry Theater-YSAC Helped Make It Happen

Fiscal Sponsorship for many art groups and individual artists

Insurance Coverage for art projects

New PermanentCollection Stewardship Committee formed:
mission written, donor agreement written, new brochure and up dated map made

Added Local Art Aquisitions to the Permanent Collection

Art Roulette Fundraising Campaign designed by Jerome Borchers and the Board

We mentored 2 Antioch Miller Fellows until the end of June.

“Homegrown Art” A YS Art History Night
Featuring YSAC Permanent Collection
and The YS HistoricalSociety Art Collection
Antioch University Midwest Reception
YS Art History Talks-6 Local Speakers
live music by Scott Randall Lindberg and Amy Blue
January 29th

Sew In

YSTC held auditions for Godspell in our backroom

YSKP  holding their board meetings in our art space.

We mentored Antioch student, Aubrey Hodapp in her self directed co op.
 She volunteered 15 hours with us per week. 
 She designed and taught a 6 week course, at the gallery
 in “Art Journaling.”

“Songwriters Concert Series”
Mitch Coleman, Scott Randall Lindberg & Amy Blue
February 7th
In the Gallery:
“Family and Other Animals”
The Members Show
Festuring 36 artists
February 20th-March 15th
Member’s Show and Party!  Wine, good food, games, prizes,
Award Ceremony with 5 Awards given  and voting for “People’s Choice Award”
Live Music by Piano Player Mitch Coleman

Sew In

“Songwriters Concert Series”
Marianne Kesler, Tony Powers and Mark Laurens

Arts Alive! Performance Series
"IMPLICATED" a new work by Performance Artist Ri Molnar. IMPLICATED explores the ways in which our lives are interwoven.  This is an evening of interactive and durational performance art. 
Saturday March 14th
Art Sampler Class
Calligraphy and Handwriting Class
Taught by Ann Bain

In the Gallery:
Instagram photographers: Amy Hable, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Talitha Green, Sandi Sharp, Steve Ali, Lori Gravley, Julius Eason and Adrian Cosby. March 20th-April 12th
March 20th-April 12th

Sew In

YSAC Building Design Contest
Coloring pages given out to community to help design new look for the gallery
3 designs chosen- voting on FB Winner to receive prizes!

After School Kids Art Program
Ran for 6 weeks
Taught by Tricia Tallman

Rehearsal for WVOL

“Songwriters Concert Series”
Saturday April 4rth 

Arts Alive!
Lo Sparks,
A Yellow Springs Classic Rock Band
 Which forays into original and uncharted music-scapes
Saturday April 11th

In the Gallery:
 “Figural Painting”
All About the Human Body and Face
Work by Tom Verdon
April 17th-May 10th

Art Sampler Class
 2/D Mixed Media Collage Class
taught by
Jennifer Bachelder
April 19th

Sew In

The Permanent Collection Stewardship Committee holds first meeting-10 volunteers

“Songwriters Open Mic Night”
Concert Series
Saturday May  2nd 

Arts Alive!
Songs For All Of Us, featuring solo vocalist, Jennifer Gilchrist, and Vocal Vortex, a 13 member choral group led by Mark Munger. 
Saturday May 9th

In the Gallery:
“Pleasure In a Pathless Woods”
Artist Michael Lynch
May 15th-June 14th

May 16th

Art Sampler Class
Creative Fun with Water Color
Taught by Libby Rudolf

YS High School-End of year Judging the Art Show

Weekly Kids Art Classes
Taught by Anna Burke

Yellow Springs Hootenanny
June 20th

The YS Public Art group gave out the VIDA award in the gallery during Art Stroll.

We gave advice and help to get out the word
 for The YS Resilience Network logo and Green Guide Contest

In the Gallery:
A Garden Celebration
Work by
Dianne Collinson , Kit Crawford and Dennie Eagleson
June 19th-July 12th

Art Sampler Class
Paper Mache Wall Masks
Taught by Margrit Tyddings-Petrie
June 21st

“Captivating Jordan”
Jordan Arts and Culture Presentation by Jumana Snow
YSAC Antioch Miller Fellow
June 26th

Henna Classes
Taught by our Miller Fellow- Jumana Snow

Weekly Kids Art Classes
Taught by Anna Burke

Arts Alive! Performance Series
YS Multi-Arts Fest
Featuring Visual and Performing Artists of Yellow Springs plus food and art vendors.
Kids Art workshop,
Arron Sanders, Egyptian Breeze, Borenya W. African Percussion Playshop, Eric williams, Booth Family Drummers, Maiya Celeste, Yoseph Shepard, Zane Gerlach, Gin Soake dAngels, with live painting by A. Burke and A. Chereton, Soul Fire Trib,
Saturday July 11th

In the Gallery:
Work by
 Monday Morning Artists
July 17th-August 16th
15 Artists in the show
4 different Watercolor Workshops were taught by the Monday Morning Artists-
Sandy Kinnamon, Libby Rudolf, Mary Cargan, Yuki Hall
1 Finger Knitting Workshop- Taught by their youngest member, homeschooler Clara Rose
A 3 piece high school jazz group played on the inside stage

July 18th

Sew in

Henna Classes
Taught by our Miller Fellow- Jumana Snow

YS Japanese Experience group meet
to continue the planning of Antioch/Arts Council partnership 10 Day Experience.

Weekly Kids Art Classes
Taught by Anna Burke

Arts Alive!
Black Lives Matter, an evening of poetry and music with members of Miami Valley BLM and Yellow Springs community. Bomani Moyenda, John Booth, G. Scott Jones, Furaha Henry Jones, Yolanda Simpson, Cheryl Smith, Lori Askland, Prophessor X, Lindsay Burke, Maiya Thornton-Hodge, Talis X, and Issa Walker
Saturday August 8th

In the Gallery:
"A Green Desire"
Work by Jeff Mellot
August 21st-September 13th

August 22nd

Henna Class
Taught by Our Miller Fellow Jumana Snow

Sew In

Art Sampler Class
Essential Ways To See For Drawing
Taught by Margrit Petrie
Groovy Art Market

Art House Hop
September 5th
Seven Yellow Springs’ Art Collectors open their homes for a one-day
Self Guided Tour of their private art collections.

Arts Alive! Performance Series
“YS Live Poetry Society”
Poetry Reading featuring four Yellow Springs Poets,
Maxine Skuba, Yvonne Seon, Robert Paschel, and Warren Kearney
Saturday September 12th

6 local Artists holding an Outdoor Art Market

In the Gallery:
 “The Sunflower Show”
Group Show of 32 Artists
Presented by Tecumseh Land Trust. Hosted by The YSAC Gallery
September 19th-October 11th

September 19th

Sew in

Art Sampler Class
Drawing Sunflowers in Charcoal
taught by Jennifer Rosengarten
September 20th

The Zombie Walk event organizers
 asked to use our patio for face painting etc.

In the Gallery:
 “Explorations of Dreams and Memories"
work by Sharri Phillips
October 16th-November 8th

October 17th

Art Sampler Class
Beveled Glass Window Ornaments
Taught by Talitha Greene
October 18th

Arts Alive! Performance Series
The Celtic Year with Irish duo, Four Schillings Short,
featuring music, poetry, and stories celebrating the Celtic wheel of time. 
Saturday November 14th

In the Gallery:
 “Locked In: Team 2” 
Nathaniel Foley, Brandon Lowery and Jesse Thayer
Can 3 Artists, in 3 Days look through 3 Boxes of random “stuff”
and together create an Art installation?
November 13th-November 30th
Art Sampler Class
Needle felted Ornaments
Taught by Tricia Tallman
November 15th

Nov. 21st

In the Gallery:
Holiday Art Jumble
December 5th-31st
First Dibs-Pre Opening party and sale for members
December 4rth

Arts Alive! Performance Series
Holiday Concert with “Heartstrings,”
a four woman group which plays both vocal and instrumental music with a signature blend of acoustic instruments drawing from Celtic and Appalachian traditions with tastes of Scandinavian, Italian and Klezmer. And a Dessert Bake-Off featuring desserts made by community members. 
Medals and Prizes to the Winners of the Bake off!
Dec. 12th

Dec. 19th Hootenanny

March Madness Membership Challenge 
Win the Magnificent, Much To Be Desired Prize Pot.
To play become a member of Arts Council during March!  If you already are a member start playing!
All members are eligible to win the Prize Pot.  (Everything in the pot goes to one winner!)

So What is in the Pot? 
  1. A Dozen Homemade Egg Rolls (Nancy's Best) to be delivered whenever you want
  2. 2 tickets to our own Little Art Theater
  3. A Batch of Yummy Homemade Cookies or a loaf of Home Made Bread
  4. A $25 Gift Card to Target or Panera (winner's choice)
  5. A $20.00 Gift Card to Tom's
  6. A Gift Card for Sunrise Cafe
  7. Gorgeous Hand Crafted Jewelry by a local artist
  8. Wonderful Wine
  9. Delicious Jamaican Meat Patties
  10. The Jonatha and Harold Wright DVD:  “Pieces from Our Story Quilt”
  11. The Yellow Springs Tale Spinners 2 CD set of scary adult tales:  “Revenge of the Possum and Other Tales That Will Haunt You”
  12. Plus Jonatha Wright has offered the winner 30 to 40 minutes of storytelling for an event that the winner plans.  (Child’s Birthday Party, Adult Birthday, Halloween Party, Family Reunion…for a Sunday through Thursday event.)  To be arranged at your and her convenience. 
  13. An Afternoon Tea Party: 6-8 adult guests; served at the winner's home; with 3-4 types of Tea; 12 delectable home made goodies - savory and sweet; with beautiful tea pots, tea cups, tablecloths, napkins, and serving ware provided. The tea will be served and the dirty dishes carted away after the tea. If wanted a short History of Tea can be included. Date that works with Sue Hawkey's calendar and the winner's. 
How Do you Win? 
The player that gets the most people to join Arts Council during March wins.  I'm playing, I want to win the Pot!  You can play too! Someone's going to win, can't wait to find out who!
How does it work?
It's easy:  
Ask people to join YSAC.
Tell people that the Arts Council's Membership Drive is a Game for all our members, and they can help you to win the Prize Pot! 
Give out membership forms (Get them at the gallery, 111 Corry St. Wednesday-Sunday 1-4 or at at Unfinished Creations.  Put your name, in the corner, on them.) 
Or tell people they can sign up online, at our web site-   Ask them to fill in the “referred by” space with your name.

Winner will be announced at the beginning of April.
Tip: Look over our great web site, to see what we offer- things like the online Artist Directory- which any artist can sign up for for free, or the AmazingPermanent Collection or the online Artist's Resource Directory (great for artists new to town,) or our Local Arts History Project (including a wiki that anyone can add local art history into,) fiscal opportunities for artist projects (you would not believe the number of art projects Arts Council has helped make happen over the years!), artist teaching opportunities, art class taking opportunities and space rental opportunities and even when needed, free shared space with art groups, for meetings and events.)
Tip: pick up some things to carry with you-to give to people you run in to- things like Holly Underwood's wonderful Membership Form and Brochure, the 2016 Season rack card or our new brochure (made by Stephen Rumbaugh) about the Permanent Collection. You can get these at the Gallery.

Why are we having this Membership Drive?  It's simple. To keep the Community Gallery Space open.  We are teetering on the edge, and need the support of many more members to survive. Every $30.00 membership can help.  All together, we can make wonderful art events happen and support our local artists.

Please consider joining and filling out this form today.