Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Madness Membership Challenge AND Prizes

The March Madness Membership game is not over!
Ok, It's April first and March is over.  But.....April Fools!
The March Madness Membership game is not over! It's being extended into an April Membership Drive.

We have a very good reason for keeping the Membership Game going into April.  Right now, Seven members are tied to win the Prize Pot.And there is still plenty of room for someone else to play and scoop up the pot! 

Just a reminder:
How Do you Win?
The member that gets the most people to join Arts Council wins. 

It's Easy: 
1.   Ask people to join YSAC.
2.  Tell people that the Arts Council's Membership Drive is a Game for all our members, and they can help you to win the Prize Pot!
3.   Give out membership forms (Get them at the gallery, 111 Corry St. Wednesday-Sunday 1-4 or at at Unfinished Creations.  Put your name, in the corner, on them.)
4.   Or tell people they can sign up online, at our web site-   Ask them to fill in the “referred by” space with your name.

Tip: Look over our great web site, to see what we offer- things like the online Artist Directory- which any artist can sign up for for free, or the Amazing Permanent Collection or the online Artist's Resource Directory (great for artists new to town,) or our Local Arts History Project (including a wiki that anyone can add local art history into,) fiscal opportunities for artist projects (you would not believe the number of art projects Arts Council has helped make happen over the years!), artist teaching opportunities, art class taking opportunities and space rental opportunities and even when needed, free shared space with art groups, for meetings and events.)

Forgotten what's in the Delectable Prize Pot?
1.  A Dozen Homemade Egg Rolls (Nancy's Best) to be delivered whenever you want
2.  2 tickets to see a film at our own Little Art Theater
3.  A Batch of Yummy Homemade Cookies or a loaf of Home Made Bread
4.  A $25 Gift Card to Target or Panera (winner's choice)
5.  A $20.00 Gift Card to Tom's
6.  A Gift Card for Sunrise Cafe
7.   Gorgeous Hand Crafted Jewelry by a local artist
8.  Wonderful Wine
9.   Jamaican Meat Patties-curry spiced ground beef wrapped in pastry and deep fried-yum!
10.   The Jonatha and Harold Wright DVD:  “Pieces from Our Story Quilt”
11.    The Yellow Springs Tale Spinners 2 CD set of scary adult tales:  “Revenge of the Possum and Other Tales That Will Haunt You”
      12.  Plus Jonatha Wright has offered the winner 30 to 40 minutes of     storyingtelling for an event that the winner plans.  (Child’s Birthday Party, Adult Birthday,   Halloween Party, Family Reunion…for a Sunday through Thursday event.)  To be arranged at your and her convenience.
13.   An Afternoon Tea Party: 6-8 adult guests; served at the winner's home; with 3-4 types of Tea; 12 delectable home made goodies - savory and sweet; with beautiful tea pots, tea cups, tablecloths, napkins, and serving ware provided. The tea will be served and the dirty dishes carted away after the tea. If wanted a short History of Tea can be included. Date that works with Sue Hawkey's calendar and the winner's.