Friday, October 24, 2014

LOCKED IN at the Yellow Springs Arts Council

Locked In
A Creative Collaboration
3 Artists
3 Days Locked In to Create an Art Installation
3 Art Tools Each
3 Boxes of Unknown Stuff to Work From
1 Videographer 24/3 Filming It All

View their installation November 15th-November 30th
Opening Reception November 14th 6-9 p.m.
Artists Tell All in The Artists Talk at 7 p.m.
We searched. They applied. We checked each of their 3 references to see if they played nice. 

Seven Gallery Committee Members juried for a whole day. One artist smoked and we thought no, that might be bad for the others, he can’t go out to smoke.  Sometimes the answer came down to “the other artists would have more fun creating with this artist.”
It was very painful to choose.  But we did. They are:

Ron Hundt from Kettering, Ohio-He’s the artist with the blue beard-Papa Smurf-He presented us with a box.  It held  “American Gothic Reimagined as Stick Figues”

Jennifer Bachelder from Westerville, Ohio-Her reference said  “Trash+Art+meeting and working with new artists=Jen” She holds trash parties for friends to create art.

Pierre Nagley from Yellow Springs, Ohio-He sent 6 pictures all totally different mediums- one was an 7 foot tall Bottle Cap Buddha

With Videographer Travis Hawkes from Glen Ellyn, Illinois-he shoots and edits videos for a living-we went to his web site, watched his videos-bingo, he’s in

On November 9th they will meet each other for the first time and see the gallery but not what is in the boxes.  We will go over rules.  That evening they get pre interviews with Travis, the videographer .
The next morning they will be locked in.
There will be Peek Holes in the papered over windows during the lock in-
November 10th, 11th, 12th.

YSAC Community Gallery is open Wednesday-Sundays 1-4

Except for the Monday – Friday before each Opening