Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bright Graffiti Art on a Winter Day

I know, some don't like it, some find it boring, some don't view it as art, some see it as vandalism. Just in case people are wondering, these are free walls and the artists do have permission to paint them.  I happen to be one of those people who  enjoys the cursive letters integrated into patterns and swirling colours, especially on a grey winter day. I also appreciate how much work goes into creating a design.
Rac and Vesh, who are in the world famous TM7 crew, continue to add cheer with their work in Keiths Alley in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
They don't get paid to do this and in fact it can cost them anywhere from $50-100 to paint a wall. So it's a commitment that involves more than a few dollars, as well as time.

Unfortunately there are times when their work gets marred or painted over (going over) a little too quickly even by street art standards. 

This one below lasted only a week
Image courtesy of Rac
before it was painted over by someone
and left unfinished I think? 
Anyway Rac and Vesh redid the wall and
hopefully this will stay up for a few months.

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Like I said, NOT everyone's cup of tea, BUT  it is an artform that has a place in our cultural history.
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