Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Up with ALL the Birds Around Town?

This question came up on facebook recently so I thought I'd better answer.
Johanna Smith's bird at the Yellow Springs Arts Council
Brian Housh and I (jafabrit) were joking about his  Put a Bird on It t-shirt when we were attending Nancy Mellon's birday (birthday party) and I said maybe we should put birds
 Photo: What a beautiful day for a Tweet Meet!

on it all over town. Brian said "YES" and the rest is history. So I started the YS Put a Bird on It fb group page and it has taken on a life of it's own. Brian Housh and Susan Gartner are fellow admins of the page and Susan arranged for our Tweet Meets at the Senior Center Friday afternoons 1:30pm until 4pm.

Bird Bombing around Yellow Springs
Susan has been making the most delightful birds and leaving them as surprise presents at various friends homes, as well as helping Carol Culbertson at Mills Lawn. Students are making peace birds and will be placing them outside on the school grounds when finished. Brian made a few lard and bird seed pieces to put downtown, and I have been upcycling old CDs into stencil art. 
It's just one of those fun things that brings community together and helps spread a little joy, a little laughter, a little wonder.

It is not an exclusive club or group, anyone can join in. We only have one cardinal rule, no grouser's. 

We were all inspired by this hilarious skit from Portlandia.

Mills Lawn students have made approx 200 birds to be shared around Yellow Springs. To see some photos please visit Ms.Culbertsons page on the Yellow Springs Schools Website.