Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Trails

The sun was shining and I decided to ride my bike down to Village Artisans and have lunch with Nancy Mellon while she was gallery sitting.
No, she didn't look spotty like her painting in the VA's Dare 2b Square Exhibit
On the way down to the trail I spotted the new 
Litter Bins on Dayton Street and they made me smile because they look like repurposed daleks (best way to treat those evil mutants I say).
Next stop was the bike trail towards Springfield, down Ellis Pond Spur, along Polecat Road and back home. GLORIOUS!

Got to test my AirZound the other day when I came across several deer on the trail and boy did it work. My biggest concern on the trail are dogs and from what I've read and seen online the AirZound is effective.  Here is an example I found on YouTube.