Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Upper Body Massage for the Artist

On Saturday, July 14 from 2-3pm, Rebecca Ingebo, RN, MSN & Licensed Massage Therapist, will bring her massage chair to the YS Arts Council Community Gallery.  This will also be the last day to see or re-visit the Monday Morning Artists Show at the YSAC Gallery (open from 1-4pm).  

Rebecca is a nursing and wellness educator who will give a demonstration on massage techniques to deal with issues of carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis and thoracic outlet syndrome so as to maintain the upper body strength of a working artist. It will be a group lesson, so bring a significant other and learn valuable maneuvers for self-care and care of the artist in your life. Donations will be collected at this workshop for the Monday Morning Artist Building Fees; call Rebecca Ingebo at 937-426-8823 or 937-266-1504 for more details.