Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YS Art Stroll -- Friday, June 15 (6-9pm)

YS Art Stroll is a major arts event in Yellow Springs, with many galleries and cafes open to provide artistic entertainment.  The June Art Stroll kicks off with the unveiling of Beth Holyoke & Kaethi Seidel’s Ceramic Mosaic Trash Can.  Join us at 6pm in front of Current Cuisine (237 Xenia Ave.) to get the first look at the newest public art piece in YS.  Start your weekend off with a feast for the senses!

Spirited Goat Coffee House, 118 Dayton St, Mardi Gras in Venice, Photographs of Mark Tyler
Stop in for a refreshing beverage and some excellent music, and enjoy the photography of Mark Tyler.  A collection of vibrant and festive work is waiting for you!  Spirited Goat provides lively and friendly environs, ideal for a relaxing conversation in the midst of great art.

Village Artisans, 100 Corry St, The Quilts of Pam Geisel
At the Village Artisans June Opening Reception, we are celebrating our newest member – Pam Geisel, a local textile artist.  Enjoy Geisel's award-winning quilts at the Event Gallery.  Wine and snacks will be served.  June also means Red Hot Red Dot Sale at Village Artisans, so stroll by and see us!

YS Arts Council Gallery, 111 Corry St, Exuberance!, The Monday Morning Artists
The Opening Reception for the Monday Morning Artists “Exuberance!” exhibit falls on Art Stroll.  The dynamic watercolor paintings of the MMA ess that is unique to each individual. We can critique each other's work, if asked :), and perhaps come up with a more dynamic composition." are fascinating and expressive.  Gabriel Day plays at 6pm and the YS Woodwind Quintet performs at 7pm on the YSAC Gallery outdoor patio; the atmosphere will be energizing. Wine and hors d'oeuvres provided.

“would you, could you” In A Frame, 113 Corry St, Vivid Line Drawings by Jean Rudegeair
Jean Rudegeair captures the essence of the human experience in her line drawings, and her work should not be missed.  “would you, could you", a contemporary art gallery displaying distinctive pieces from artists and craftspeople located regionally & nationwide, is an important stop on your YS Art Stroll.

The Winds Café, 215 Xenia Ave, The Art of AJ Powers
Enjoy a truly incredible meal at The Winds in the midst of the color & detailed images produced by AJ Powers.  You will be thrilled by the amazing experience -- from the subtle flavors to the food presentation to the artwork.  Powers, a Fairborn native, has created a collection that is a veritable feast for the eyes!

Springs Gallery, 220 Xenia Ave, Kings Yard, Ceramic Folk Artists: Nancy & John Grosella
Springs Gallery is pleased to present the Artists’ Reception for the clay folk art and jewelry of John and Nancy Grosella of West Milton, Ohio.  The Grosellas have had a long & intimate relationship with clay.  Springs Gallery exhibits and sells a wide variety of original fine arts, signature crafts and gift items by local and regional artists.

Emporium Wines & Underdog Café, 233 Xenia Ave, Entropy & Reclamation, Tom Watson III
Watson’s recent work reflects outwardly the internal transformation that occurred during his physical recovery from a massive brain stem stroke.  While his mind learned to reconnect broken synapses, Watson deconstructed and then reassembled materials salvaged from earlier silkscreen projects to create a new body of art with a cohesive design.  Enjoy wine tasting accompanied by the music of Emma ‘n become. If his work increases awareness, it is a reflection of the learning he has been able to gain by listening to individuals and the different perspectives they have to share.

The Emporium will also be hosting a wine tasting, which will be energized by the sounds of George Bieri & The Root Cellar Boys. Stop in for a great night of visual, musical and culinary art.

Sunrise Café, 259 Xenia Ave, The Art of Claire Billionaire
"Somewhere in Nebraska" is just one of many great pieces being shown by Claire Billionaire at the Sunrise Cafe.  Often inspired by nature as well as peace, love and happiness, Claire's work is impactful!  The Sunrise Cafe offers a variety of delicious dishes and signature drinks to satisfy the palate.  An ideal place to end your evening!

Glen Helen Atrium Gallery, 405 Corry St, The Light on America’s Great Lands, Ronald G. Levi
Ronald G. Levi's "The Light of America’s Great Lands" exhibit features stunning prints of American landscapes with specific focus on unique lighting effects.  Levi captures breathtaking natural scenes that express the eco-diversity which characterizes the United States.  Add an “environmentally-friendly” aspect to your Art Stroll.

Eddie Eckenrode Gallery, 232 Xenia Ave, Paintings by Eddie Eckenrode
The Eddie Eckenrode (Memorial) Gallery, one of the originators of Art Stroll and a public art gallery since 1996, is celebrating the art of the late Eddie Eckenrode. This Reception marks the closing of a gallery that has hosted many local events over the past 16 years.  Hosted by Sam and Miriam Eckenrode, Sam & Eddie’s Open Books.

Julia Etta’s Trunk, 100 Corry St, Artisan Clothing by Joanne Litz
Joanne Litz, a clothing artisan from Philadelphia, will be at Julia Etta’s Trunk during Art Stroll.  Creator of the Steel Pony brand, Litz achieves the perfect fusion of art and fashion.  Her distinct designs and uncommon flair blur the boundaries of haute couture and wearable art.  Litz’s Fall Trunk Show is about color; her new earthy shades of red and purple in modal play off slate grey.  This reception is catered by The Winds Café.