Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yellow Springs an ART TOWN?

How the Arts Impacts Communities- Culture Conference 2002

 It is recognized that The arts provide a catalyst for the creation of social capital and the attainment of important community goals (Goss 2000; Matarasso 1997; Williams 
1995). Page 2. 

Some people ask since when?  I believe it is by default due to a long history of being considered very artsy, attracting a large population of creative residents (some who are well known or famous in their own fields) and listed as an Art Town (listed in Wikipedia & 100 Best Small Art Towns in America). 

We are also known as a college town, a hippie town, health town, nature town, and so much more.

Is Art the only thing that defines Yellow Springs? Absolutely NOT, we are a multifaceted community, but the Arts play a significant and vital role in making this town visible (international/national attention for public art projects), vibrant and attractive to residents, potential residents, business'(The arts attract residents and businesses:page 8), and visitors.

For a town this size (less than 3,800), this is an impressive list, and I'm sure more could be added.

Dance & Movement
  •   Al Kahina Middle Eastern Dance Studio   
  •   Community Dance Concert
  •    Egyptian Breeze
  •    Folk Dance
  •    Soul Fire Tribe
  •   Women’s Voices Out Loud 
  • Dozens of individual dancers and movement practitioners
 Film & Video
    Antioch College Media and Film Department
  •    JoJo Beanyhead Co.
  •    Little Art Theatre
  •    Mills Lawn Media program
  •    Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert films
  •    Sun Dog Film Festival
  •    YS Public Access
  •    YSHS Video Program 
  •  Numerous independent film makers & video professionals
  •      A Yellow Springs Blog
  •      Antioch College Literature Department
  •      Antioch Library
  •      Antioch Review
  •      Antioch Writers’ Workshop
  •      Ballantine Bookcrafts
  •           Dark Star Books
  •     Poor Will’s Almanac
  •     Sam & Eddie’s Open Books
  •     Superfly Comics & Games
  •         Yellow Springs Library
  •  Dozens of individual writers, journalists and poets
  •      AACW Blues Fest
  •      Antioch College Music Department
  •       Antioch College Music Series
  •      Barbara Leads Piano Lessons
  •      Chamber Music Yellow Springs
  •     Clifton Opera House
  •      Community Band
  •     Community Chorus
  •     Community Concerts
  •    Early Music Center
  •     Friends Music Camp
  •    Lindsay Hunt Piano Lessons
  •    Peach’s Grill
  •    The Emporium
  •     WEB Coffee House
  •    Women’s Voices Out Loud
  •    WYSO Public Radio
  •    Yellow Springs Threshold Singers
  •     YSHS Band & YSHS Orchestra
  •   Dozens of bands and ensembles
  •    Antioch College Theatre Department
  •     Mad River Theatre Co.
  •      Mills Lawn School
  •      YS Kids Playhouse
  •      YS High School Theatre Program
  •       Center Stage Theatre  Dozens of actors, directors and theatre specialists
 Visual Arts 
  •      Alice Robrish Sculpture
  •      Antioch College Arts Department
  •       Artist Studio Tour
  •        B-3Designs
  •        Basho
  •       Bing Design        
  •       Dianne Collinson Ceramics
  •     Eddie Eckenrode Gallery
  •     For Quilts Sake
  •     G & G Studios
  •     Gillie Goat Textiles
  •    Glen Helen Atrium Gallery
  • The Glen House B&B
  •    Heaven on Earth Emporium
  •      Herndon Gallery
  •      Hudson Sculpture Ltd.
  •      Inspirit Arts
  •     Itinerant Studios
  •     Jafagirls
  •      Jason Morgan Portraits
  •     John Bryan Community Pottery
  •    Kavooom Production
  •    Linda L. Parsons Art Sales
  •    Lisa Goldberg Ceramics
  •    Little Art Theatre lobby
  •     March French Antique Quilts
  •     Miami Valley Pottery
  •     Modern Salvage
  •    Nina Carina
  •    Nina Rios Photography
  •      Ohio Silver
  •    Sculptors Emporium
  •        Springs Gallery
  •    Strong Heart Press and Studio
  •     Toxic Beauty
  •     Twisted Tines
  •    Unfinished Creations
  •     Urban Handmade
  •   Village Artisans Gallery
  •    Weavers’ Guild
  •    Winds’ Café & Bakery
  •    Would You Could You in a Frame
  •    Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour
  •     Yellow Springs Arts Council
  • Yellow Springs Arts Blog
  •    Yellow Springs Pottery  
  • Hundreds of individual visual artists
  •     Bhakti House
  •     Brenda Borst Chiropractor
  •     Creative Explorations Women’s Retreat
  •     Eden World Wellness and Discovery
  •     Harmony Center of Integrative Medicine
  •     Humanist Center
  •     Innerlight Yoga & Wellness
  •      Yoga Springs Studio
  •    YS Chiropractic
  •  Dozens of individual practitioners
"A stroll up and down Xenia Avenue, Yellow Spring’s main street, showcases their artistic culture."

From Budget Travel America's 10 Coolest Small Towns
Public art has taken on a new meaning in the town, as well. One day, knitting appeared wrapped around a tree downtown, and soon passersby were bringing yarn to add to it. Now, the signposts up and down Xenia Avenue are covered with knitted "graffiti." — Peter Mandel

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