Wednesday, May 23, 2012

YS Public Arts Forum

Join your community on June 2 from 10:30-12:30 for the Yellow Springs Public Arts Policy Interactive Forum at the First Presbyterian Church.  This roundable discussion is facilitated by the YS Arts Council, and guest speakers include John Booth, Jo Wilson, Dennie Eagleson, Jerome Borchers, Nancy Mellon, Deb Housh and Meg Miller.<BR><BR>

Come to express your opinions on art in public spaces.  Proposed talking points for this Feedback Session:<BR><BR>

Arts in the Public Eye:  Village Perspectives<BR>
Arts - Creativity - Economic Development:  The Connection for Yellow Springs<BR>
Community Process for Public Art:  Freedom - Censorship - Mediation<BR>
Public Support for the Arts:  Role of YS Government, Business & Non-Profit Organizations<BR><BR>

Visit for more details.