Monday, April 16, 2012

Volunteers MAKE it Happen

Joanne Caputo 
Arts & Culture Manager

The new Yellow Springs Arts gallery space is all topsy turvy at the moment, BUT it is getting there thanks to the efforts of so many. Bob Baldwin's support for the Arts Council has and is fantastic, along with Les Gilford and his construction crew who redid the walls.

But what would happen without the volunteers who have spent hours planning, buying/fetching supplies, painting/building and preparing the gallery. 
The gallery fix it team: Nancy Mellon, Jerome Borchers, Joanne Caputo, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, John Garrit, Sondy Kai, Brian Housh, Talitha Greene, Sharon Mohler, Meg Miller.
(let me know if I left anyone off)

Considering recent events regarding the John Byran Community Gallery it is even more imperative we have a not for profit gallery in town. Please consider supporting it, we have a fantastic line up of shows and events and much more.