Tuesday, April 3, 2012

THe Power of Art

If we had to wait around for  Village Government to determine what art/creative activities should or shouldn't go up around town we wouldn't have had the Chamberpot Gallery, Keith's Alley Graffiti Art/Murals, Yarnbombing, Art Park Art Panels, Yelloween Scarecrows, Banner Festival, Ceramic Benches,impromptu street theatre, buskers,  and so many other wonderful examples of what makes this village click and tick as an alternative arts community. It is the passion and joy of the creative community that drives the arts in this village (not local government), and to crush that drive by mandating it and boxing into a public art policy that is determined by the tastes of a few will turn this village into just another flipping generic suburb.
If you value and support the arts in this community, then please do consider supporting the Yellow Springs Arts Council and help them pay for a gallery  space where artists are free to share their work, events, and programs that advocate for the arts in this village.