Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hum, We're getting all Hippie

Patrick Harney at Cirque Carnival

with Hippie Heritage Homecoming in May Saturday the 19th. A Hippie Gathering of all ages.  Not sure what it is yet, but it's being arranged by Patrick Harney and Mindy (behind Cirque Carnival) so I think it will be GROOVY.

You don't have anything to wear! WELL come visit Yellow Springs, we have oodles of stores selling just what you need ;)
Yes, we are listed in Hippie Havens

And for those that blither on about hating hippies and Yellow Springs, I just want to ask, do you REALLY know what a hippie is? If you do my next question is do you really hate the legacy of the movement? I mean, you're living it man (sez I with a british accent) and eating it, unless you hate Ben and Jerry's ;)  AND I hate to break it to you, but most townies don't really wear tie dyed stuff (it's the tourists you photograph) and the drug thing, well last I saw Xenia had the biggest drug bust this county has EVER seen.
signing off: 
one who shaves her armpits, bathes daily, has short hair, doesn't smoke, wears unhippie like clothes (never worn a tie-dyed shirt in my life), but does own a lava lamp
jafa the brit.