Friday, February 10, 2012

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Yes, a bell shall ring at 3:27 pm  courtesy of our local Quasimodo (Walter Rhodes) 
and ye shall

3:27 PM – “The Kiss” Public Performance Art with the Jafagirls
2:45 PM Sign in at Presbyterian Church Front Porch
80 couples (people, pets, families, stuffed animals) synchronized to kiss at 3:27 PM at kissing stations throughout downtown Yellow Springs, plus photographed for “Kiss in the Springs” slide show. To register, pucker up and call 767-1366.
ps. you don't HAVE to register, but  just in case you want to know where the kissing stations are.

Send your photos to jafagirlart(@)  for the slide show and please label the photos with your names, and subject line "the kiss".

Jafagirls would like to thank the  YS Presbyterian Church and Walter for helping us with this event.