Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Take Us Home" documentary screening Saturday

Yellow Springs filmmakers, Aileen LeBlanc and Jim Klein, invite the community to a screening of their film, “Take Us Home” Saturday, Nov 12th at 11:00am at the Little Art Theatre. The film is about the Ethiopian Jews and their desire to go to Israel. The screening of the fine cut will help the filmmakers with some final detail editing decisions. There will be a short survey and a question and answer session for audience feedback after the film. The screening is free.

I helped Aileen in the very early stages of this film's production. This type of screening is important to a filmmaker and your input is very valuable. When you're working on a film, you tend to lose sight of the film's continuity and storyline. That's why "fresh eyes" are so necessary. You need to tell the filmmaker if there were parts in the film where you didn't understand what was going on, or if there was a transition you missed, or if there was an assumption that the audience would understood a particular phrase or custom or conflict and you didn't. I wish all filmmakers would ask for my opinion!

Anyways, your input is important and can help Aileen and Jim to make a more powerful and provocative film.