Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Community Voices training at WYSO

Fifteen radio producer-wannabes came together the weekend of Nov. 11-13 as part of WYSO’s Community Voices Training Program. Community Voices Coordinator Sarah Buckingham and General Manager Neenah Ellis offered up 17 hours of trade secrets and production wisdom to an enthusiastic group of journalists, artists, fiction writers, bloggers and Ira Glass devotees. The intensive weekend workshop provides a kind of “tease” for the 6-month long Community Voices training course that will start January 2012.

Participants learned how to use an audio recorder and microphone, how to edit audio on a digital editing program, how to write for radio, how to structure stories, and more. I appreciated learning what to expect: ethical dilemmas, audio frustrations, difficult interviewees as well as a growing list of resources, tech support, and potential outlets for independent radio producers.

This is the second group of volunteers to be trained for this program. I felt very fortunate to be in on the ground floor of such a significant endeavor.

For more information about Community Voices, contact Sarah Buckingham at (937) 769-1334 or sbuckingham@wyso.org or click here to go directly to the Community Voices website.

Listen for our stories on WYSO, 91.3 FM, www.wyso.org. I'll post dates and times as it becomes available.