Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zombie love from the Community Food Pantry

Notice the creative use of red paint and the Zombie caution tape

Just had a wonderful phone call from Patty McAllister, coordinator of the Community Food Pantry, who told me the sweetest story about the surprise that was waiting for her at the Methodist Church after the Zombie Walk on Saturday night.

"I didn't know where all the food was coming from!" she told me when she arrived at the church the next morning to see all the donated food from the walk. "I had to call the Presbyterian church to ask, 'Did you have a big food drive recently?' What a wonderful thing it was. I don't know how many bags were there. It took us three hours to [sort the food] and take it down to the church basement. Thank you all so much!"

Thanks to all who participated in the walk and helped to raise money for Home Inc. (over $700) and helped to stock the Community Food Pantry.

This news and this picture warms my little zombie heart.

Home Inc. volunteer, Tom Osborne