Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why is this the final Horror Marathon for Little Art Theatre?

Rear Window is the first of seven classic horror movies that will be shown on Saturday night, October 22, at the Little Art Theatre, beginning at 9:30 p.m. Click here to watch Rear Window trailer.

Click here for marathon schedule.

Why is this the final horror marathon?

"The cost of classic film rental and/or licensing is increasingly prohibitive. Each year, this event has grown its audience, but it's always a struggle to break even while still putting on a worthwhile event. Though our preference would be to show 35mm prints of all the featured films, in the last couple of years we've turned to projecting films digitally in high-definition in an attempt to reduce costs. The event is always staffed by volunteers, and is often understaffed in critical areas like concession sales and projection. We wanted the event to survive, and continue as an annual tradition for us. We have a ton of fun putting it on, and we always get great feedback from our audience, who have come to look forward to the event each year. Yet each fall it becomes more and more difficult to plan the event with little feel for how it will perform, and weighing the very real risk that the event will lose money.

"In addition to the mounting costs of film rental, it's become more and more difficult to track down the rights to some of these films to show them at all. Finally, the marathon has always been organized by a volunteer, who two years ago moved to Atlanta, but has continued to organize the event and come back to Yellow Springs to put it on, but in the face of all these other challenges, it's more and more difficult for him to take it on. If we had a sponsor for the event, it's possible it could continue."

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