Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food Day attracts foodies

Food Day is a national grassroots campaign to reduce diet-related diseases by promoting healthy foods; support sustainable farms; expand access to food and end hunger; reform factory farms; curb junk-food marketing; and obtain fair pay and safe conditions for food and farm workers.

A local Food Day effort was coordinated on Monday, October 24, by Amy Magnus, Assistant Professor at Air Force Institute of Technology and blogger of The Village Gravy. Participants were treated to a delish and healthy dinner of chicken, rice, salad, and cooked veggies and demo samples as well as a raffle with prizes donated by local merchants.

Food Day demos included sprout-growing with sproutmaster David Kuder, canning fruits and veggies with Jenny Haack and Faith Morgan, and cooking demos with Amy Magnus and Akhilesh Nigam of the Corner Cone Farmers Market.

Amy is also the coordinator of the Winter Farmer's Market. She can be reached at

photos by Susan Gartner