Monday, August 22, 2011

Music, mirth, and mosquitoes at Davis Street Block Party

The Community Wide Block Party sponsored by the Yellow Springs Human Relations Commission took place this past weekend throughout the village.

The Davis/Whiteman/Phillips/High/Xenia Block Party on Saturday, August 20, featured food, fun, friendship and ping pong with musical accompaniment by Elizabeth Price, Patti Dallas, Joseph and Matt Minde, and Mark DeLozier.

After invites went out to 80 homes, pictures were taken of all the houses and made into a neighborhood map to help guests make a visual connection of faces to places. Many participants had just moved to the area and appreciated the creative (and well-timed) way to meet their new neighbors.

Thanks so much to the Human Relations Commission for the inspiration, $20 gift certificate from Tom’s Market, and the box of chalk. We hope we did you proud.

photos by Susan Gartner