Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Local sculptor featured at 2011 Origins Game Fair

Leviathans' Grenouille-class Destroyer model

This 2-foot-long model was created by local sculptor Behrle Hubbuch and was on display in the Catalyst Game Labs booth at the 2011 Origins Game Fair in June.

From Behrle Hubbuch:

The ship in the video posted on Facebook was built for a gaming company named Catalyst Game Labs. It and another larger ship, 4' in length that is still under construction, were commissioned as part of their booth display used at various gaming conventions called "Cons". There are several "Cons" throughout the country that focus on different aspects of the gaming, comic book, Science Fiction and other hobby industries. Origins takes place in Columbus Ohio usually in June. The two ships I am building will be on display together for the first time at Gen Con in Indianapolis in mid August. The plan for both ships is to have the port holes and bridge windows lit from within and for smoke to vent from the smoke stacks. I will be finished building the second ship the Leviathan in about two weeks. Both ships are built from plastic stock, found objects, and things my wife has been trying to throw away for years. ;) The url's for Origins and Gen Con are http://www.originsgamefair.com/ and http://www.gencon.com/.

See more about Behrle Hubbuch at his website: