Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Local Seamstress Par Excellence

JafaPal Karen Russell was given this picture of a costume  for
the Phantom of the Opera and asked if she could whip one up for a local production. She was given no pattern or instructions. All she got was a photograph and some fabric (no lace).
Was she going bonkers?
Was she pulling her hair out?
How lucky that I happened to be dropping in for a quick brew. When I saw the colour of the fabric I had that aha! moment. YES, now I know why those old lace curtains were in my car for 5 months (I kept forgetting about them), they were meant for THIS moment. Of course Karen didn't believe me when I said, "hey, I have some lace curtains in the car that I think would match that fabric".  Did I show her! She was totally gobsmacked!


Karen called
it "the gown of doom" of "which nightmares where made"  but it bloomed into this, and what an amazing job too.


I had this odd feeling that Delia was hoping we would feed her grapes as she lounged beautifully draped on Karen's Sofa