Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Herbal Explorations Workshops April-December

Wise Woman
Herbal Explorations and Self Care
with Marybeth Wolf & Amy Chavez
Returning healthcare to our homes and communities

April 17
Mama’s Herbal Apothecary
Demystifying the art of herbalism for beginners. Hands on making of herbal infusion, decoction, tinctures, drying herbs, syrups & herb balls.

May 15
Womb and Belly Day (noon –5 p.m., $50)
Learn womb and belly massage and women’s herbs for all stages of life.

June 5
Wild Edibles
Eat, experience, and learn about the nourishing and healing properties of our amazing local wild weeds!

July 10
Spiritual Bathing with Medicine Plants (at the yurt)
Plants carry an inherent spiritual essence and wisdom. Experience spiritual bathing, an old tradition taught to me by my teacher, Rosita Arvigo.

August 7
Boo Boo Balm (and other herbal first aide)
Make a healing salve from local plants and learn what you may want to include in your herbal home first aide kit.

September 4
Medicine Can Be A Ball!
Experience this joyful way of consuming herbs. We will try out some of Rosemary Gladstar’s favorite herb ball recipes.

October 9
Relax, Let Go, Release and Surrender….Herbal Nervines
Learn how to make daily tonics/tea to nourish and support your nervous system.

November 13
Winter Herbal Apothecary
We will make some herbal respiratory/immune syrup to have on hand for the winter and learn other winter herbal immune support & self care.

December 4
Sacred Spa Trade
Practice the art of giving and receiving herbal facial steams, foot soak and massage, hands and shoulders massages. Bring a friend!

Sundays, 1-4 p.m. at the Bhakti House
217 E. Herman Street
Yellow Springs
Cost $30. Limit of 10 persons per session. For info and reservations, call Marybeth Wolf at 937-767-5077

From Marybeth Wolf and Amy Chavez: Amy Chavez and I are excited to offer monthly herbal exploration and self- care workshops for the women in our community, our lives. We want to keep the workshops small, hands-on, experiential, and connected.... gathering a wise woman herbal community here in Yellow Springs.

Amy and I are both passionate about the plant world and want to share what we've been practicing in our lives, with our families and friends. We have both been on this path for many years and studied with our beloved teacher, Rosemary Gladstar. She encourages us to bring healthcare back to our homes and communities.