Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm in Heaven, oh yes I am

The Yellow Springs News has a story about a new store promises Heaven on Earth, and guess what it does, well that's if you love retro, vintage, up-scale thrift stores.

Donna Blackmon and Rosey

Last night I had a dream this store moved into my house and I was really in heaven LOL! Seriously though, this store has all sorts of goodies, including a really cool wee art gallery filled with folksy original paintings that are charmingly naive. Donna has a keen eye for the kinds of things that will appeal to young and old,  and great prices too.

I couldn't resist this crochet tote

to carry my nefarious supplies

Store is located at 253 Xenia Ave
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
Next to YS News and where Basho used to be