Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Antiques and Collectibles

Footprints of the Past
220 Xenia Ave. (a King’s Yard shop) Phone: 937-597-9877
 moved a couple of doors down to their new and LARGER space in Kings Yard, which means they are full of MORE goodies.

I LOVE teapots so I was very pleased to find this little beauty, and at a great price too. I would say in general their prices are very fair, and they are willing to hunt down anything you might be interested in.  Not sure what era this teapot is (seems very retro, art deco) but it was unusual in comparison to their more victorian style items.  I really like the atmosphere in the new location, and finding little suprises like my shiny new teapot.

If anyone recognizes what era/make this silver plated teapot is I would appreciate it, thanks.
Well time for a cup of rosie lea (tea)
 toodles from Jafabrit