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New Public Art Unveiling

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October 2009

Three New Sculptures!
The Telephone Booth Project Flock of Hands springs

Yellow Springs Sculpture Competition Winners to Be Unveiled!

This year, the Yellow Springs Arts Council, the Yellow Springs Center for the Arts Steering Committee, and the Community Information Project partnered to sponsor a competition to create three sculptures to place on public view in the community. The criteria was simple: each sculpture should celebrate the spirit of creativity of the community of Yellow Springs.

The winning sculptures will be unveiled this month, and you are invited to join us to meet the artists and to welcome these works into the creative landscape of Yellow Springs.

There is a rich variety of public art in Yellow Springs, from knit graffiti and painted murals to bronze sculpture and tile mosaics. Take a tour of the village's public art: click here for a map of the public art of Yellow Springs.

The Telephone Booth Project
Phone Booth
Location & Unveiling Date

The Corner Cone
Dayton & Walnut Streets
Yellow Springs, Ohio
October 9, 2009
Artist: Migiwa Orimo

Migiwa Orimo is a Tokyo-born visual artist who lives in Yellow Springs. Her artwork has been exhibited locally and nationally and she has been awarded twice the Ohio Arts Council's Individual Artists Fellowship grant in the visual art category; last year she was the recipient of the OAC Individual Creativity Excellence Award in the interdisciplinary category.

With this installation, the artist asks "Can I create a place/container where many form of art practices can be experimented by many artists, instead of a single art piece created by a single artist, then call it a sculpture?" "Can a sculpture be a collective form of individual artists in this village?" "Can a sculpture be a time-based organic/sustainable living presence?"

The Telephone Booth Project provides the community a context in which many creative minds can share their ideas and have dialogues with villagers and visitors. Between the months of Oct. 2009 and Sept. 2010, the artist will invite other artists to do site- specific pieces using the phone booth. There will be 8 to 12 shows/performances/installations, etc. over course of the Telephone Booth's year-long installation on Dayton St.

On Friday, Oct. 9, there will be an improvisational dance performance at the booth by Jill Becker, Melissa Heston, and Sandy Mathern immediately following the unveiling at 7:30 pm.

Flock of Hands
Location & Unveiling Date

Hilda Rahn Park
Corry St & Rte 68
Yellow Springs, Ohio
October 16, 2009
Artist: Olga Ziemska

Sculptor and installation artist Olga Ziemska, from Cleveland, received her BFA in 2000 from the Columbus College of Art & Design. She also studied at Rhode Island School of Design and exhibited at MOCA Cleveland and the Centre of Polish Sculpture. In 2007, she was selected for the prestigious Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist Series at MOCA Cleveland.

"Flock of Hands" celebrates the spirit of Yellow Springs and reflects the strong sense of community present in this creative town. Inspired by the community-centered atmosphere of Yellow Springs, "Flock of Hands" is a public sculpture intended to directly involve the community in its creation. Envisioned by the artist as a still image of white hand doves in flight, "Flock of Hands" conjures feelings of harmony, peace, freedom, and potential. Within the piece, each cast hand is paired with another hand, creating through their collective gesture an image of a bird in flight.

Ziemska visited Yellow Springs in August and spent a day casting the hands of Yellow Springs residents. The hands, each atop a tall, thin branch, reach toward each other and collectively visually, reach towards the sky creating a sense of connection between human and nature, earth and sky, community and environment.

Location & Unveiling Date

Bill Duncan Park
Limestone & Dayton Streets
Yellow Springs, Ohio
October 18, 2009
Artist: Beth Holyoke

Mixed media artist Beth Holyoke, of Yellow Springs, has had numerous local and regional exhibitions of her drawings, fiber, clay and paper work. She has also worked on community-wide art events including parades, community tile projects, and children's arts festivals. Along with Kaethi Seidl, she has created three public art benches out of handmade tiles and has assisted in the creation of a wall-sized, outside mural made by members of the public during a two-year project.

This sculpture is a grouping of the letters spelling "springs," all in lowercase. It is tiled with many shades of yellow tile, as well as with many handmade ceramic objects reflecting some aspects of the village -- birds, fruits, rocks and vegetables, all made of ceramic and very durable, are included.

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Thank you to the many people involved in the sculpture competition and the installation of these works, including Ed Amrhein, Jerome Borchers, Tom Borrup, Anita Brown, Jo Caputo, Dave Conley, Mark Cundiff, Lisa Goldberg, Tom Hawley, Jon Hudson, Kim Kremer, Kim Megginson, Jason Morgan, Ron Schmidt, Bob Swaney, Karen Wintrow, and all of the artists who entered submissions in the 2009 Outdoor Sculpture Competition.

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