Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Radical Craft Show: Call for Artists/Crafters

Yellow Springs Arts Council is having a Radical Arts/Craft exhibit in September. We are seeking work that uses traditional crafts/materials in non traditional ways or work that is done in a traditional way to make a social/political statement (craftivism). This will be an opportunity to show how traditional arts/crafts has evolved into a means of personal expression and is no longer confined to the traditional view of crafts, or gender, or used purely for utilitarian purposes.
There is no jury, or entry fee, but a commission will be given to the arts council for any sales.
Work should be in by Sept 12. Please email Corrine or Nancy at jafagirlart@yahoo.com for more info, sign up and drop off place (if you ship work please include return postage).
Yarn used for street art Knit Graffiti images
Peace Quilt

This blog entry "Handcrafting a New Society" at Radical Crosstitch has some great examples of work that makes a social statement.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom in Stitch
by Florence WangYou can see more examples of her work at
Florence Wang Designs