Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Storybox Project

"The Story Box Project is a project that Kevin Cordi developed in 1995 that is a large decorated "Story Box" that travels around the world and comes back to the original place one year later"

StoryBox Project sponsored by the Yellow Springs Tale Spinners
Story Box Ambassador for YS Jonatha Wright
any question please call Jonatha at 767-9823

StoryBox made by the jafagirls
Nancy Mellon and Corrine Bayraktaroglu

Our box will be in the YS library
it is waiting for YOUR stories

People to put their stories in the Story Box in the Library now and until May.
These can be any story you want to give to the project, 1 to 3 pages long.

THEME of the Week

Posted at the Emporium and on the Story Box in the Library
This week's Theme is "It happened in Glen Helen..."
Jan 19th: It happened at Yellow Springs High School
Jan 26th; It happened at Young's Jersey Dairy
February 2: A winter story that happened in Yellow Springs


Ones collected by Jan 31 will be selected from for a program we will do at the Senior Center Rec room 2 to 4:30 PM on January 31st.

Ones collected by April 30th will be selected from for a performance at the YS library at 6-8pm. It will be a 'picnic.' Bring your brown bag meal, your knitting and MOST CERTAINLY YOUR STORIES to add to the Story Box.

June 3-4 there is a Story Box Festival at the Multicultural Center at OSU, Columbus. The Story Boxes from all the cities participating will be there, and the Story Ambassador for that city will tell one story in their box.

Then boxes will be traded with another city. We will then have a summer program in Y.S to tell stories selected from our "Visiting Story Box"
Then all Story Boxes will be sent to cities in N. Ireland and their Story Boxes will travel to the US. One will come to YS and we will have a program to perform those stories.
There will be more traveling exchanges after that.

The only requirement is that the box has at least one 'peace' story and one 'conflict resolution' story.