Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NonStop Presents

Wednesday, October 22

9:00 AM, Presbyterian Church, 314 Xenia Avenue - Chuck Taylor and James Johnston’s Sounds and Circuits class will host Antioch alum Dylan Hay who will demonstrate and perform altered circuit boards. Demonstrations will include: light activated 555 op-amp; Harmonic Series properties of a bowed string; beat phenomena between two sound source; and pitch phenomena in water-filled glass bottles. The public will have opportunities to participate and ask questions.

1:00 PM, Methodist Church, 202 S. Winter Street - Nevin Mercede and Isabella Winkler’s Culture and Interpretation class will host an exhibition and discussion of student work in writing and the visual arts.

3:00 PM, 140 Glen Street - Michael Brower, Antioch alum, former Professor of Political Economy and leader of a Center for Quality of Working Life, will lead a discussion of the trends, effects, causes, and cures of poverty in the workshop A World Without Poverty: Possible? Necessary? Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus in his book Creating a World Without Poverty writes that using Microcredit and Social Business we can and should do this.

7:00 PM, YS Library Meeting Room, 415 Xenia Avenue - Painter, author, and faculty emerita of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Antioch alum Deborah Curtiss will speak on A Passion for Visual Literacy. Her books include Introduction to Visual Literacy (1987) and Making Art Safely (1993).

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