Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Enjoying a day in Yellow Springs

photo by c.bayrak

Yes, nothing like being a lazy bones on a sunny day and hanging out in a beautiful garden such as this one on Corry/Dayton Street. The Garden is filled with butterflies and bees, and the sweet scent of flowers. Come! sit on the beautiful benches and soak it all in. And if the visual feast of a garden isn't enough for you, then we have galleries, and knit graffiti, shops full of goodies to explore, and things to tickle your funny bone.
If you get thirsty or hungry check out the list of all the yummy choices. The place opposite this lovely garden isn't on the list yet, but the new kid on the block, Williams Eatery (old Gypsy Cafe building) is now open and serving American and Peruvian food.
Bone appetite ;)