Monday, August 27, 2007

Yellow Springs Tiled Bench

Back view of the bench on the corner of Xenia and Corry Street.

This is the first ceramic public art piece in downtown Yellow Springs. It was conceived and created by members of the John Bryan Community Pottery, which is a collective of ceramic artists working in the public studio behind the Bryan Center building.The people involved in making the bench include: Kaethi Seidl, Beth Holyoke, Shannon Crouthers, Cindy Thompson, Alice Robrish, Bill Michler, Lisa Wolters, Bill Foreman, Cindy Butler-Jones, Dennis Moore.

It has been donated to the Village of Yellow Springs from the John Bryan Community Pottery for the enjoyment of all Yellow Springs residents and visitors. In addition, it has been dedicated to Mary Chapman, who was a dedicated community pottery studio member and ceramic artist who died in 2005. Mary was also cofounder of Potters for Peace, a group who’s mission it is to establish friendly relations with potters in Nicaragua and support their effort to preserve their traditions and make a living with their work.

This art is shared with the public, can be used to rest on as well as offer visual stimulation It is the hope of this group that more such public art projects can be commissioned and created in Yellow Springs. This is in keeping with the general artfulness of the village.