Thursday, July 12, 2007

NOLAA Gallery

King's Yard is always fun to walk through, not just because it's quaint, but it is full of interesting little shops. One of my favourites is the Nolaa gallery. The owner, Jennifer Float, has a flair for picking artists whose work is not only unique, but also daring in choices of media. I have never seen anyone use foam core the way Cynthai Vaught has, just amazing. This is a fun gallery to explore, with a great atmosphere. Jennifer is also an artist herself and has a painting on exhibit in the ChamberPot Gallery called "Garden Variety".
Gallery hours are: Wed-Thur noon-5:30pm Friday noon-7pm Sat noon - 5:30 Sun 12:30 - 5pm. For information call: 937.767.1544

Artists links: Amy Achor Cynthia Vaught Terrance Osborne

Submitted by Jafabrit